Weekend-time - let’s get ready for another big shop-update! Lighane gave her best to create another bunch of Super-Pixel-Art that has now headed to the Pixel-League-Redbubble-Store. From now on she will be working on our future projects and take a step back. Though every now and then you might see more Super-Pixel-Art. Maybe Varus and some other champs? Let’s see!

Okay, but back to our update. You now can grab Morganas demonic forces on shirts, stickers or iPads. Or do you love Kyubis? Then Dynasty Ahri might just be your favourite design. Then there are two deadly yet awesome champions that won’t miss their targets: Mafia Miss Fortune and Katarina, The Pixel Blade. And last but not least let’s welcome the Fortune Teller, Lighanes own creation and main creature/human for our Indiegogo-project Videogame-Tarot.

Have fun browsing the store!

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